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Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Firm

Matchmaking the best with the best, ensuring confidentiality and compatibility.

The Columbus Group LLC is predominantly an automotive search firm that specializes in placing engineering and management candidates with manufacturing experiences - such as quality, paint, process, robotics controls, program, materials/logistics, and operations - within the plastic, rubber, and metal industries.

Compatibility Profile Matching

Our candidates are technically screened based on the “must-have” and preference criteria that you provide and we are very successful in compatibility profile matching.

All our candidates are provided cost of living data and information on the quality of life of your location before submitting them to your authorized contact person to inform and help increase our candidate’s level of preparedness for employment offer acceptance with your opening.

The Columbus Group LLC

Talent Acquisition

Discover the difference at The Columbus Group LLC. We connect the best with the best using the latest technology. Using the PRIZM (human capital integration software), and genuine people systems (GPS), we can help you locate, navigate, and connect to leaders in your industry.

Compatibility and Soft Skill Analysis

At The Columbus Group LLC, we handle the movers and shakers in these industries. All Columbus Group candidates are thoroughly screened for compatibility and soft skills analysis (PRIZM). You can see the seed before it gets planted.

Manufacturing Recruiting Firm & Search Consultant

Contingency Recruiting Firm

Contingency Recruiting Firm

The Columbus Group LLC is a contingency recruiting firm who upon your request will devote 100% of their time to filling your important positions. One significant point of interest for you is that we have our candidates sign sincerity agreements to not waste your valuable time or use your employment offer as a leverage with their current employer to possibly get a counter-offer.

Recruiting firm with the history of success

Recruiting firm with the history of success

On a more personal note, our founder, Ken Payne, started recruiting on Columbus Day 1991, and he was the number one recruiter with the world's second-largest franchise in his third year. He went on to establish The Columbus Group LLC on Columbus Day 1998.

Personeer Recruiting Process

Personeer Recruiting Process

If you are interested in our Personeer Recruiting Process, we have an executive coaching-clarity software to mirror your company’s opportunity to your select talent stream. The profile can take up to two hours. This service may not be right for you and is more akin to a retained level service but still provided on contingency service terms.

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